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Last Thursday my colleague Nicole and me decided to sew a nice pincushion. I found the pattern in Burda Style Magazin. :3

I like it! It´s really sweet but my first work doesn´t look like a real good sewing work… <_< I think it´s okay. I called it  “Krüppel Karl”. It´s a german word and that means something like “Cripple Karl”. Yeah i know it´s bitchy, because i sewed Karl. xD I think it´s nickname “KK” sounds nicer.  😉

Okay, i stop talking and show a picture. The left one is KK:

Hugs and Kisses xxx



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I exchange with my colleague the fabric leavings from our last sewing projects.

She gave me a wonderful looking fabric and i wanted to sew something nice with it. At first we thougt about what we can do with it. Because of the colour and the patterns, it looked that i can only sew a sofa cushion with it. I decided to look at the fabric market in Leverkusen the next weekend. In the end i found something. :3

So, i don´t wanna talk to much > just look:

Isn´t this pattern great? I love it. Thx to Nicole, because she gave it to me as a gift. :3

Hugs and Kisses xxx


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1… 2… bags

There´s so much to sew… *_*

My problem is,  i don´t want to sew my Cosplays, but everything else.  <_< I love Cosplay and i have so much to do, because there´s nothing ready for the upcoming Conventions. I think it was a mistake that i bought a sewing book at the Creativa. xD It´s a book with many patterns for big and small bags > look at it @amazon:


My colleague bought the book too, and so were sewing different bags to show it to the other. xD My boyfriend asked me yesterday why i´m sewing one bag after another, because i have so much bags in my closet. Okay… he´s right, but hey i´m a woman. We need bags for every situation. 😉

The orange gray bag goes to my colleague Steph. ^o^

Okay, engough chitchat.  See pictures below:

Hugs and Kisses xxx


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Little Charlotte

I bought a Book from TOPP, there are a few manuals how to sew bags. Little bags, big bags and cosmetic bags. Real nice! I love the book and i started to sew one of the cosmetic bags called “Little Charlotte”. My Little Charlotte doesn´t really look so nice… <_< From the outside it´s ok, but the fissure inside is looking horrible. <_< Okay,  it was my practice bag. xD So it´s okay. For my second try i will use an interlining for the bag. This will make the bag firm, i think. <_<

Here you can see some pictures:

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Sewed a friend…


Yesterday i sewed a friend for Gregor.  xD He only stays for this weekend. On Sunday he went home with his new rommate > my Nephew Leon. I hope he like him.

I bought the blue Fleece fabric at the Fabric Market. I think i told here before…. ^^ I like it.  Of course, i have taken a picture.

Have a nice weekend!

This night is the carnival party night! *YAY*

Hugs and Kisses xxx


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Helau & Alaaf!

Last night was long…

I made my skirt with the fabric i bought last weekend. I love it. The pattern i made is perfect and the skirt suits me well.

The last thing i wanted to sew and handcraft is a flower. I hoped that the flower will spice up the skirt a little. >> I sew the flower from the same fabric as the skirt and put a few beads on it.

I had to sew the zipper by hand, because the Wool fabric  was too thick to sew it with the machine. However, i think i have done it well. 😀 I wanted to wear the skirt in the Office today, and so i sew on it till 01.00 AM. O_o I haven´t put the beads on it till then, and so i decided to go to bed.

I finished the skirt today. I made new (better looking)  flowers. The flowers have an angeled form now. :3 And I choosed different beads. One purple bead for the middle and a few white beads for the leafs.


I will post the Pattern for the skirt here. I´m going to draw it on grid paper, so that anyone who is interested can sew the skirt.

Today I looked for some Accessoires for the carnival costume for my boyfriend. We were spontaneus invited at a carnival party on Sunday. The Theme is “Pirates”. By coincidence, this year i have a pirate costume, but Martin has none. All costumes are almost sold out and so i have to improvise a little. I already have a hat and a Parrot for the shoulder.

The Parrot is too awesome and my collegue and me worn it a few times on our shoulder (at the Office! XD). We decided that the Parrots name is Polly > isn´t it the default name for parrots? Simply brilliant as a nice accessory! ^^

Sooooooooooooooo AWESOME! xD

At the end I bought a complete Pirate Costume at www.party-discount.de . I decided to buy one, because I has no time to sew a costume and the price for the costume should be alike the fabric.

I wish you all a happy “HELAU” and “ALAAF”! I will celebrate carnival in Cologne and Düsseldorf, so i can say both. 😉 On Saturday I visit Cologne with my Sister and my best friend. Monday we visit Düsseldorf.

Hugs and Kisses xxx


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