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Today we arrived in Berlin! *yay* ^^

I looked at http://www.berlin.de and find out, that today was Open day at the great Musical “Dance of the Vampires”. I love it! It´s my favourite Musical and it´s so awesome!  The Music and the  Costumes and Choreography…. everything is so adorable!

At the end (we arrived only a few minutes before it starts) they show the performance of the Nightmare. They splittet this scence in different parts and at the end they show the complere part on stage. So great! Awwww.

I made a few Pictures. Their not edited because I´m only online with my Netbook.

I hope you like the Pictures. ^^





This was a short visit, but i´m so happy that i was there!

Hugs and Kisses xxx



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YEAAAAAAAAHHHH this time in Germany after 28 years! ;3

Okay i looked the two semi finals before and so i knewed all Songs that were played yesterday.

It was really great!  I love this Contest and the Feeling of Europe! :3

We deciced to look the Contest in Duesseldorf  in a Bar / Restaurant called “Les Halles”. They have 4 big screens were we watched the ESC.

I like the Song from our Lena “Taken by a Stranger” and we only can thank her that she brought the ESC to Germany, but this time i think it wasn´t the right Song for the ESC. It was too special i think.

I was very surprised about the end and the positionings… My favourites were definetly Estonia with the Song “Rockefeller Street”.

I was so surprised when they made the next to last place. O_o This Song is so great and i loved the movie one the bis screen in the background with the skyline which passed by. ^^ Estonia was my personal Winner! ^o^

I also liked the Songs from Sweden, Russia and France. I wondered also that Blue from GB only were Number 11. O_o Strange what countrys get 12 Points… The Winner was Azerbeijan… Ok, nice Song… but Winner? Okay okay, it was not my favourite Song and i didn´t bet an € that this country can win this Competition with this Song.  But… music is a matter of taste. 😉 So Congratulation to Azerbeijan!

I want to thank Jedward for the great Entertainment! It was so much fun to see these guys on stage! xD

I wanna thank Lena that she brought the ESC to us!

It was a great show for us, for Germany and Europe! So much fun! Let´s see what it will be next year. 🙂

Hugs and Kisses xxx


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