The last months were horrible. I was so stressed and have no time for anything. But I love to reactivate this Blog after a stressful time.

The last months were so exciting and it happened so much. One of my best friends get married, another one is going to be a mom and sooooo much more. Isn´t live exciting? 😉 I´ve made nice pictures the last months and i will show you some of them here on my Weblog.

I´m really looking forward to it and hope that many people will read and see my entries.

Aaaaaand i`m really thinking about writing in german… it´s so much easier for me but  i have to think about it… What do you think?


I love Berlin! It´s a great City and i love it there!

I don´t wanna talk too much, i will show you my trip with Pictures.

At the first full day we visit “Bundestag” also known as “Reichstag”. We had a great guidance there and it was really impressive! Here my Pics from this great day:













Last but not least something funny (okay, i think only people from Germany will understand xD):

Can someone lend me a pen to scratch the Doctor? xD


I hope you like my Photos.

Hugs and Kisses xxx


Today we arrived in Berlin! *yay* ^^

I looked at http://www.berlin.de and find out, that today was Open day at the great Musical “Dance of the Vampires”. I love it! It´s my favourite Musical and it´s so awesome!  The Music and the  Costumes and Choreography…. everything is so adorable!

At the end (we arrived only a few minutes before it starts) they show the performance of the Nightmare. They splittet this scence in different parts and at the end they show the complere part on stage. So great! Awwww.

I made a few Pictures. Their not edited because I´m only online with my Netbook.

I hope you like the Pictures. ^^





This was a short visit, but i´m so happy that i was there!

Hugs and Kisses xxx


Tomorrow I´m on vacation in Berlin with my Parents and my best friend. ^^ I love Berlin! It´s such a great City and it´s my 3 visit there. ^^ I have much Photos of Berlin but i will try to shot more pictures there. I will show you when I´m back.

Berlin, we´re coming!

> One of my pictures from my last Berlin Trip! ^^

Hugs and Kisses xxx


Creativa 2012

The last few weeks i didn´t wrote anything, because it happend nothing mentionable.

But, last weekend i visit the fair named “Creativa” – nice fair with the focus on creative hobbys. I visited the Creativa with my sister the last 3 years. You get so many great ideas. You can also buy everything right there and begin immediately with your new hobby. xD

I looked for new cloths and jewelery. I also bought a few things for decoration. ^^

Creative People have to visit this fair! Believe me, it´s great. ^^

Here some Pictures i found on the web:

My favorite Shop at the fair is since last year > www.werkhaus.de > you find there cool decoration  furniture for office or your home.  I love it! ^^

Hugs and Kisses xxx


Spacerail Project #2

I promised I will show you more Photos from the Spacerail Project. ^^ My Boyfriend worked on it with 2 friends. I  sneaked around them and made a lot of Photos. I will show you some of them. Have fun. ^^






I hope you like it. ^^

Hugs and Kisses xxx


Found Pictures…

I found a few pictures which i took last year. I made this Photos while i was shooting my Cat in the Garden. xD Now i saw, that i only show the pictures of my cat Sam. Now i will show you the other pics. ^^



Feels like Spring time. *_* This tree only blooms once a year and then only 2 weeks. I love it. The Parents of my boyfriend haven´t seen this great blossoms the last years, because they were always on holidays. ^^

Hope you like it. ^^

Hugs and Kisses xxx